Cruel Intentions (Rydeville Elite #1) | Siobhan Davis
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Cruel Intentions (Rydeville High Elite #1)Cruel Intentions (Rydeville Elite #1)
by Siobhan Davis

Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance/ Bully Romance
Age Category: Upper Young Adult/ New Adult
Release Date: June 10, 2019

Book Description:
In the power struggle between two elite groups, one feisty girl will bring them to their knees…

Life is a cruel game where only the most ruthless survive. It’s a truth my mother rebelled against, and she paid for it with her life. Now, I play their game. Publicly accepting the destiny that lies in wait for me when I turn eighteen.

But, behind closed doors, I plot my escape.

Trent, Charlie, and my twin, Drew, rule the hallways of Rydeville High with arrogance and an iron fist. I execute my role perfectly, hating every second, but they never let me forget my place in this world.

Everyone obeys the rules. They have for generations. Because our families have always been in control.

Until Cam, Sawyer, and Jackson show up. Throwing their new money around. Challenging the status quo. Setting hearts racing with their gorgeous faces, hot bodies, and bad boy attitudes.

Battle lines are drawn. Sides are taken. And I’m trapped in the middle, because I made a mistake one fateful night when I gave my V-card to a stranger in a blatant F you to my fiancé.

I thought it was the one thing I owned. A precious memory to carry me through each dark day.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Because the stranger was Camden Marshall, leader of the new elite and my perpetual tormenter. He hates me with a passion unrivalled, and he won’t be the only one. Fire will rain down if the truth is revealed, threatening alliances, and the power struggle will turn vicious.

My life will hang in the balance.

But I’ll be ready, and I’m not going down without a fight.

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Hate is All I Feel (Rydeville Elite #1)

Praise for Cruel Intentions

“I have followed Siobhan to genres I would normally NEVER try, and each time, she has come through. Cruel Intentions is no different. Her best book to date.”
Danielle. Goodreads Reviewer
“Romeo and Juliet move over because Abigail and Cam just took your place…Hands down the best book Siobhan has ever written. I need the next book NOW!!”
Karla. Goodreads Reviewer
“This is my first bully romance read and, man, am I sucked in now! Siobhan has knocked it out of the park again.”
Paradise of Pages
“This is a great beginning to what looks to be a fabulous series. A powerful and emotional story that has left me obsessed and begging for more!!”
Book Dragon Girl
“OMG! This new series is going to be so intense and all kinds of twisted! Pure romance genius! It’s impossible not to eagerly await book 2 after that ending…”
Carolyne. Goodreads Reviewer
“I was seduced by this book. There’s no better way to describe it. This book reminds me of Tijan… beyond gripping… a totally addictive read.”
Jennifer. Goodreads Reviewer
“I had the feeling this book was going to go down as one of my favorite books of all time…and guess what? It is! This book gave me the feels, I can’t describe how much I loved it.”
K. Goodreads Reviewer
“I. Am. Stunned. This story grips you from page one and never lets go. It has everything: the angst, superb writing, suspense, romance, love and sexy times!”
Diane. Goodreads Reviewer